Back in the Day Bakery

November 4th, 2014

My sister got married this summer and they took a road trip with stays in both Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC eating their way across these two great states. They visited Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah and it’s all I’ve heard about since! I picked up one of their cookbooks last month and immediately fell in love with the couple (Cheryl and Griffith Day) that own the bakery. I have since done an unhealthy amount of internet stalking and I am convinced we would be BFFs, unless they read this blog and discovered I have boundary issues when it comes to baked goods and those that prepare them. They just seem so lovely and happy and she was a Soul Train dancer for God’s sake! Most importantly, their recipes are AMAZING. My sister won a bake off in Brooklyn with the Bourbon Bread Pudding and the Blueberry Buckle is just so so good. But the be-all and end-all is their Chocolate Heaven with Chocolate Buttercream cake. I’ve NEVER had a better chocolate cake and I have been acquainted with many a chocolate cake. Bottom line, buy this cookbook! Even if you never bake anything out of it, I am convinced it’s mere presence imparts happiness. But you would be a fool not to take an afternoon to make this chocolate cake. I have just given you the gift of significantly snugger jeans. You are welcome.
I just loved this interview my other culinary obsession, Lynne Rossetto Kasper from the Splendid Table, did with Cheryl Day. You will find the Chocolate Heaven recipe here!
my best friends Cheryl and Griffith.

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  1. Loni Duncan says:

    Thanks Hannah, I’ll try it but I saw your wedding photos and you don’t look like you’ve ever eaten a piece of cake. You looked lovely and how nice your dad could officiate. Congrats on the marriage and thanks for the tip!

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