A Garage Reformed

October 27th, 2014

I met my dear friend, Gina, when our children were in preschool together. She and I have been practicing Pilates together for years now, and sometime last year she called me up and told me she was getting her Pilates teaching certification and converting her garage to a studio. So in addition to her existing professional career and child rearing, she is now a certified Pilates instructor. Over achiever! 

She called me and my husband James and asked that we design and build out the studio for her. It was a fun project that turned out to be beautiful; not to mention she is now forever indebted to me and has made it her life’s mission to transform me in to the perfect Pilates specimen. That last statement is wildly untrue and in fact impossible, but I like to pretend. Here are some pics of what we did!

We started with a normal ole garage in Nashville’s Sylvan Park neighborhood filled with bikes, yard supplies, the family car, and the sacred beer fridge. 
IMG_0988 2
Obviously we needed a massive cleaning and a lot of fresh paint. We painted the whole thing (trim, ceiling and walls) with Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White; stained the floors and added a coat of polyurethane; and had to add heating and cooling lest we freeze in the winter or sweat to death in the summer. Then finished off with new lighting, trim and hardware.
James built us a giant wall of sliding doors to hide the garage items that could not be relocated, still freeing up enough space to have 4 reformers. With a ton of reclaimed wood from Woodstock Lumber, James whitewashed it all and up it went along with two giant mirrors.
James took his job and compressor very seriously.
I honestly never thought I would love a garage door so much. But I LOVE IT. I use to dream of a vintage Birkin bag, and now I would take this door over that little beauty any day of the week. For real.
The best part of all of this is that I now have my own personal Pilates maven and a beautiful little playground for when I actually get a minute to do something good for myself, which now that one of my BFF’s can teach me, I am much more likely to go. I also happen to know that Gina keeps a surplus of beer and wine behind those sliding doors. You know, just in case!
For more information email Gina Brooks at gina.t.brooks@gmail.com. Girl will whip you into shape!

And as always, many thanks to Q Avenue Photo for always taking such perfect photos!


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