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April 16th, 2014

The only thing I like about winter is when people give me presents at Christmas and let’s be honest, that takes all of 10 minutes and I am back to cursing the cold. Only difference is, I am doing it with a Williams Sonoma gift card and new scarf in hand. This winter was long and brutal and threatened to bankrupt me with enormous heating bills. Thank god it’s spring! Here we have the Hers & His Spring edition. James Wilson of Secret Forts lending a little help with the “his”.


Hers: SJP Ina Pump

I was a little apprehensive about Sarah Jessica Parker’s eponymous shoe line as I believe I have an allergy to all things Sex and the City but I must say, I really do love her shoes. I bought these for my sister’s upcoming wedding and will certainly have these in heavy rotation through the Spring and Summer.

His: The Hill-Side Low-Top Chambray Sneakers

Brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo have, in a few short years, expanded The Hill-Side from making a small collection of neckwear and bandanas to a nearly full blown head to toe collection of “practical and persuasive” wares all in their signature and perfectly selected seasonal fabrics. These low-tops are pretty much the perfect Spring to Summer shoe in their lightweight chambray. At Hickoree’s.


Hers: Steven Alan Boyfriend Blazer

I wear a lot of blazers and camis in the Spring. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “you sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that outfit”. This is a new one in the rotation to spare me all the smart remarks.

His: Rogue Territory Desert Wash Supply Jacket

The iconic denim jacket (see the Levis Trucker) re-iamgined and made modern by the Southern California-based Rogue Territory. Washed down for that “had it forever” feel, the Supply Jacket just may become a classic in its own right. Available at Need Supply.

Dress up

Hers: Cynthia Vincent Jumper

I love how everyone gets married in the Spring when my skin hasn’t seen the sun in months and I look down right sickly. This saturday, as we kick off wedding season, I will be wearing this guy. 90% of my decision being based on the fact that I am too lazy to apply self tanner anywhere other than my arms.

His: Wallace & Barnes Worker Suit in Japanese Denim

An unstructured, more casual suit for him, this is equally at home at a nice dinner out or one of the seventeen weddings you’re invited to this Spring. Wallace & Barnes at J. Crew.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.17.50 PM


Hers: Quarry Farn Bracelet

My sweet love gave the this bracelet a while back that he had engraved with our initials. I do love it so.

His: Billykirk Mystery Braid Belt

Seriously Billykirk, how is this done? A single, uncut length of braided leather. My mind is still trying to wrap itself around this technique. I suppose I could YouTube a “how to” video…but I think I’d rather remain blissfully ignorant about this one.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.07.40 PM


Hers: FEED Bag

This is an amazing company that has raised over $6 million dollars and donated over 60 million meals to school children living with hunger throughout the world. Way back when, my diaper bag was a FEED bag and I really love their new Guatemala line of bags. Only $50, each FEED bag provides one child with micronutrients for a year. How can you not buy one?

His: Baggu Weekend Bag

Good design is very often much more about simplicity and knowing what not to add than anything else. These weekend bags by Baggu are just that. Durable canvas, both carry and shoulder straps and not much else to muck it up aside from an ample amount of room for that weekend getaway. More on that later…


Hers: Private Edition Therapy Systems

One of Nashville’s greatest treasures is Private Edition. I have been going there since I was a babe with my mom, had my prom makeup done there as a teen and now, as an adult, would sell a kidney to keep their product continuously stocked at my home. Their Therapy Systems line is A-MAZING. I swear by it and this little gem is one I can’t live without. This is a must have for a fresh Spring face.

His: Lavett & Chin Sea/Salt

This is sold by J. Crew under women’s beauty products, but he buys it because he loves it anyway. Like the little boy my girls play with who’s confident (or indifferent) enough to play Littlest Pet Shop. It’s one of those things in the bathroom, much like the toothpaste, that we both use and then blame the other when it’s gone and noone’s replaced it with a new one.
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.50.52 AM


Hers: Summer Pudding with Rum Whipped Cream

I absolutely love Easter with the pastel colors and 400 children running amok through my yard hunting eggs. It’s one of my favorite holidays and I love all the food that goes along with it. As a southerner, deviled eggs, ham and buttery rolls are a must have but one of my favorite desserts – be it in spring or summer – is this one. It is so easy to make and beyond delicious!

His: Spring Pappardelle with Edamame, Pistachio and Mint

This just tastes like Spring. All fresh and amazing ingredients. And the mint just adds that extra little kick reminding your mouth that it’s finally nice out. Bonus points for making your own pappardelle.


Hers: Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

I didn’t even know what the hell Lillet was until I came across a gorgeous image of this cocktail. A sucker for all things pretty and fancy, I made it. And, suprise, loved it. Now I pretend that it’s just a little something I concocted on my own.

His: Rolf + Daughters Buon Appetito

As any good restaurant does these days, one of our favorite local restaurants turned national darling (deservingly so but still, thanks Bon Appetit. We can’t even get dinner at the bar anymore…) Rolf & Daughters has just recently rotated in their Spring cocktail list and this one, hell, all of them are delicious.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.08.49 PM


Hers: Dogwoods

My favorite thing about living in the south is when then dogwoods bloom. I have bought homes based on the number of dogwoods on the property. I love the simplicity of a few dogwood branches in a vase on my table.

His: Stage Head Ferns

It’s like a wall full of taxidermy without having to sit in a tree for hours at a time waiting for deer to walk past.


Hers: Rodney Crowell, Tarpaper Sky

I have had the great fortune of coming from a long line of poets, artists and creatives and I could not be more proud of my father, Rodney Crowell’s, latest album. Tarpaper Sky has been a long time in the making and several of the tracks I’ve heard in living rooms, studios and back yards throughout the years. Others were new to me and several produced by my Über-talented, soon-to-be brother in law, Dan Knobler. He (Rodney, not Dan) is my dad and bias runs deep in my DNA, but this record is incredible and some of my favorite songs of my dad’s career are on this one. When I hear my children singing “Oh What a Beautiful World” while coloring or playing with Legos, it just makes my heart full.

His: St. Vincent

Annie Clark’s new album makes you want to dance from the waist up when in the car.
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.22.57 PM


Hers: Sugarboo Farms

We recently went to Serenbe outside of Atlanta and we LOVED it. A client of mine suggested next time we visit Sugarboo Farms, owned by a good friend of hers. This looks like the perfect spot for the whole family. The entire crazy lot of us. The owner also owns a wonderful home store in Atlanta that is definitely worth checking out.

His: A-Frame Mountain Rental, Somewhere in North Carolina

As nice as fall foliage is in the mountains, it’s equally as pleasant when not wearing multiple layers of clothing.


Hers: The Liars Club by Mary Karr

Full disclosure: I know Mary Karr and ADORE her. She is a good family friend and I think she is about the smartest, funniest, craziest (in the best way possible) woman I know. She is who I want to be when I grow up. That said, I first read The Liars Club long, long before I ever thought I would have the chance to meet her. I must have read this 17 years ago and it had such a profound effect upon me. I have since read all of her books and poetry collections but recently decided to pick this one up again and reread it. A pioneer of the memoir genre, her honesty and willingness to be unashamedly naked is a beautiful thing. One paragraph, I am struggling to read some of the descriptions of her violent childhood and the next, I am laughing out loud. This is one everyone should read.

His: Chance by Kem Nunn

Kem Nunn’s past books, “Dogs of Winter“, “Tijuana Straits” and “Tapping the Source” (upon which the movie ‘Point Break‘ is very loosely based) have firmly placed him as master of what’s called the “surf noir” genre. I’m not sure how many other writers actually fall into that category with him but…”Chance” is the latest from mr. Nunn and promises to be as wonderfully written and darkly brooding as his past novels.


Hers: Finding Vivian Maier

I became familiar with Vivian Maier a few years back when I was putting together a library for a client. I bought them all of her books and copies for myself as well. Her photographs are truly on par with Dorthea Lange or Diane Arbus. Seductively beautiful images. This documentary made by John Maloof is utterly fascinating and perhaps my favorite in a quite a long, long time.

His: The Grand Budapest Hotel

It killed him when Grand Budapest didn’t open here initially and we had to wait a whole week to see it.


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