be mine. now go clean up.

February 5th, 2014

I would love nothing more than to be the consummate mother who spends afternoons and weekends with her children baking the perfect gluten-free, agave-kissed sweets, sewing tiny, stylish outfits for their cherished American Girl dolls or devoting hours upon hours to creative free time or outdoor activities. However, the reality is I have two children, I constantly fret over my perpetual mess of a home, I have a company to run and I need to devote a minimum of four hours weekly to either watching, thinking about or internet stalking the cast of Downton Abbey (priorities?). So simply, there isn’t time for all that. I do, however, revel in the making of Valentine’s cards and early each February, I turn my home into a Valentine’s DIY sweat shop of sorts. Several years ago I started marbleizing my own paper which involved making rakes out of toothpicks, figuring out just what the hell methyl cellulose is and blocking out the very time I usually reserve for sleep. An art teacher friend of mine told me about marbleizing paper with shaving cream and food coloring which seemed like a much more civilized craft for small children. My dear friend Gina brought her son, wine (do other mothers do art projects without?!?) and our little sweat shop turned out some pretty cute little Valentines if I do say so myself. Below, a how to…

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