Designing Women: Gilda Midani

September 11th, 2014

My sister, Carrie Crowell, is one of my favorite humans on earth. She is the creator of Big City Grits and runs the most fantastic shop, lf8, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She is going to be a recurring guest blogger and this one is from her…

Is there anything better than being super comfy? When I get home at the end of the
day I immediately take off my horrifying and encasing “street clothes” as I call them
and put on my “comfy cozies” as my mother and sisters call them. Well ladies (and
actually gentlemen!), let me introduce you to the comfy cozies you can wear out and
about and not look like you’ve given it all up – which I actually have no problem
with; I can’t wait to give it all up, but Gilda Midani is thankfully slowing that
process down.

The Brazilian designer creates the most beautiful hand-dyed cotton clothing. Many
of the pieces are fashioned by using beeswax to create really cool relief prints –
from simple stripes to more Jackson Pollack-esque prints. The pieces are perfect for
layering; long tank tops looks amazing under her “trapeze” long sleeve tee-shirts.
Her dresses are so easy to wear it’ll be like donning your nightgown to that business
lunch! Except people will give you approving smiles and possibly gentle applause
instead of worried glances.

Do yourself and favor and just buy one of everything and thank me later. Congrats
on your new comfy-cozy life y’all!

Gilda’s Collection is currently available at lf8 in New York City until September 25th
my girl Carrie in her comfy cozies. You can see why I love her.