Gift Guide : For the Little Ones.

December 13th, 2013

For the little lady:
1. Coral and Tusk bunny ears 2. Little Red Riding Hood earrings 3. B-52’s t-shirt from Lucky Wang 4.Coral and Tusk kitty cat pouch necklace 5. Girl’s classic Puffin book set 6. Girl’s Marimekko apron 7. Girl’s Billieblush shoe 8. Piggy Paint non-toxic nail polish 9. Blabla kids Suzette the Fox knit doll 10. Peter Rabbit chess set
For the little guy:
1. Coral and Tusk tiger badge 2. Lego digital camera 3. Alien Workshop Grant Taylor + Kieth Haring Skateboard 4. Camo Vans 5. The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse 6. Crocheted Superman plush 7. Beastie Boys t-shirt 8. Lego architectural series 9. Mini Radiocon robot 10. Les Joutes Libres bowling game 11. Wooden bow & arrow set


Gift Guide : For Him.

December 10th, 2013

him header

1) Wallace & Barnes Weekender duffel bag 2) Fort Standard bottle opener 3) Fellow Barber candle 4) Ranger hat by Camo5) Wallace & Barnes Shetland wool Sutherland sweater 6) The Hill-Side blanket lining scarf 7) Best Made Co. flask and waxed canvas case 8) Phigvel key holder from Hickoree’s 9) Working Man’s grooming kit 10) “How to be a Man” by Glenn O’Brien


Hers and His : Winter.

December 5th, 2013

Winter is perhaps the season I most look forward to. As soon as New Year’s day comes, I loathe the cold and dream of spring. But for those few weeks, winter is the most magical time of year. I am completely incapable of building a fire that does not involve a duraflame, it rarely snows in Tennessee anymore and I am chronically underdressed, but I love the things and rituals that go along with the winter season. Here is my Hers & His winter favorites…

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