48 HOURS IN…. Louisville

May 21st, 2013

While I am a native Nashvillian, my family roots are deeply tied to Kentucky. My great, great Grandfather was the bourbon distiller JW Dant, who actually made some pretty decent bourbons. My grandmother and great grandmother (who I only ever knew as “Mud”) were both raised in Louisville, are now interred there, and maybe because of that I have always been enamored with Louisville. While it is not far from Nashville (about a 3 hour drive) it is markedly different. Louisville has that flourish that defines so many river cities. While I love a big hat and an excuse to buy a new dress, the bourbon soaked crowds of the Kentucky Derby are more than I can handle, thus ruling out the first Saturday of May for a weekend excursion, but I do love the weeks leading up to the Derby and right after. When I do go, here is how I like to spend my 48 hours in Louisvilleā€¦.

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