May 3rd, 2013


I was not raised in a typical Southern home. There was no fried chicken or biscuits and gravy to be found. We mostly existed on brown rice, tofu and steamed vegetables. I pretty much hated my culinary childhood. When we would visit my grandparents or our family in Kentucky, I got introduced to the glorious world of true Southern cooking and an unbridled love of coconut cake was born. My Aunt Tippie served hers with boiled custard and my Grandparents never had a family function without Miss Leetha’s famous coconut cake. My sisters and I would fill our plates and stow away in the laundry room, far from our mother’s watchful eye and eat our selves into diabetic comas. In my adult life, I have been on a mission to find the perfect recipe… and at last it has  been found. Our dearest adopted family member, Kristen deLauer, gave me this recipe a few years ago and I kid you not, it has made me the most popular woman in Nashville. Perhaps I exaggerate slightly, and at times I fear the party invitations are extended solely based upon my willingness to bring said cake, but I digress. Point being, this cake is crazy good. Thank you, Kristen!!

Kristen’s coconut cake at my daughter’s 5th birthday